About Ariel

Ariel started showing great interest in music since a young age and learned many instruments through the years, such as saxophone and keyboard. She has always been active in the music field, joined several independent bands, and enjoys playing with friends in her free time. She was introduced to the cello in her teenage years, and instantly fell in love with this instrument and classical music. After a few years of heavy loaded studying and moving, she re-started cello in university, and found her passion for it has never faded away.  Ariel is currently doing her Masters degree in biological anthropology in Australian National University. In 2018 Ariel was offered and apprenticeship with ACTAM Director Charlotte Winslade. This opportunity provides Ariel with intensive cello study and performance experience as well as professional development as a cello teacher.

Ariel believes that the interest is the best teacher, one can only be good at something if he/ she is passionate about it, which is the true statement for her own cello learning journey. She wants to share her passion and love for cello with any future students, while building strong and friendly relationships with them. From her own experience, she is certain that learning an instrument is one of the most satisfying processes, and it can bring so many benefits to your life, no matter you wish to be a music professional or only playing for interest. 

Lessons with Ariel

Individual cello lessons with Ariel are held at Fyshwick. 

Cello lessons: 

30 minutes individual $770/semester (21 lessons)

45 minutes individual $980/semester (21 lessons)

60 minutes individual $1190/semester (21 lessons)

One off/casual rates: $45 for 30mins, $55 for 45mins, $65 for 60mins

Ariel is participating in ACTAM's mentoring for new teachers  - her mentor is Director Charlotte Winslade.

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