About Danny

I completed my Bachelor of Music Specialising in Jazz at CSM in 2001. Soon after, I moved to Sydney and began working as a freelance musician and regular band member in a number of different ensembles. My grounding in jazz sees me working in big bands, latin jazz bands of varied origin, horn sections in funk and rock bands and as a member (and occasional leader) in a few interesting and eclectic original projects. Good fun!

As well as working as a performer, I have always taught. Some recent teaching engagements have seen me working both in primary and secondary schools, working one on one, preparing HSC students, running saxophone sectional rehearsals or work-shopping small ensembles. 

I like to make sure my students have a firm grounding in the technical skills needed to play music and more importantly, a natural and subconscious feel for rhythm and harmony. To help achieve the latter, I always accompany my students with some sort of counter melody or bass line during parts of our lessons. The result is that we end up making music regularly!

Lessons with Danny

Individual saxophone lessons with Danny are currently available at ACTAM studios in Fyshwick.


Contact us for availability and fee information.

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