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About Lucy

Lucy has been teaching music privately for more than 20 years, specialising in piano, clarinet, theory and musicianship tuition. She has completed a Bachelor of Music, Honours (Class I) at Newcastle Conservatorium and a Doctor of Philosophy at the Australian National University. Whilst the Bachelor and Honours degree focussed on honing her performance and pedagogy skills, Lucy chose to study the private music teaching profession for her doctoral degree. Early in her career as a pianist, she has had the privilege of being tutored by Dr Giann Franco-Ricci, whose piano lineage included Béla Síki and Theodore Lettvin. Lucy was also a student of Dr Ian Cook and Ms Leigh Carter during her undergraduate years at Newcastle Conservatorium.  

Lucy has had extensive experience in preparing students for both AMEB and Trinity music exams, with many students receiving outstanding results. She is also expanding her focus to ABRSM exams in order to provide a comprehensive and quality approach to piano examinations at ACTAM. Her past students have often continued on to tertiary music study at the ANU School of Music, the University of Canberra and, Newcastle Conservatorium of Music

Canberra Piano Teacher Lucy Pajaczkowski

Her previous teaching posts have been Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Region and the Far North Coast. Lucy most recently was the Convenor and Lecturer for the Music for Secondary Schools, at the School of Music, Australian National University. Whilst Lucy enjoys performing, she is currently focusing on her love of teaching and is working as a piano teacher at the ACT Academy of Music.

In her spare time, Lucy is currently in the process of completing a Juris Doctor at the University of Canberra. She also enjoys spending time with her family, reading and calligraphy.

Words from Lucy:

“The mediocre music teacher tells. The good music teacher explains. The superior music teacher demonstrates. The great music teacher inspires” (William Arthur Ward). Throughout my career as a music teacher, I have always kept coming back to the above quote. It has been my goal to study the development of a musician and to provide exceptional musical tuition. I am a firm advocate of studying not only the performing of music, but the pedagogical approaches to learning, which is immensely important for both teacher and student. I also understand and respect that each student will be drawn to learning music for different reasons, be at different levels and aspire to different outcomes. It is always a delight to discover the best possible way for this to happen for each student – and in turn to help them discover the joy that is music.

Lessons with Lucy

Individual piano lessons with Lucy are held at theACTAM studios in Fyshwick.

Contact us for availability and fee information.

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