About Ryan

Ryan began learning piano at age 5 in Hong Kong, studying classical music and music theory under the ABRSM program. During high school he studied higher level music through the International Baccalaureate, where he received full marks and  was exposed to more styles including contemporary, jazz, and world music, as well as experience in composition and musical analysis. At school, he was involved in many musical ensembles, theater productions, and performed at charity events and popular festivals such as Lion Rock, Clockenflap, and the Hong Kong Youth Band Competition.


Ryan began teaching piano during middle school and has had the opportunity to work with many students of different ages and skill levels. The most important takeaway he has found from the experience is that passion is as important as the teaching itself when learning a new instrument or music as a whole. He would hope to not only foster the proper skills and techniques of the piano onto his students, but also their own personal musical 'goals'  - such as a certain piece or style of music they wish to learn more of - that they themselves listen to and engage with outside of the practice room. To him, it is important to draw from many different styles and genres of music to not only help the student understand the scope of the instrument, but also what they themselves can learn with enough practice.


Lessons with Ryan

Individual piano lessons with Ryan are available at ACTAM Studios in Fyshwick.

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