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Canberra Guitar Teacher Emma-Shay Gallenti-Guilfoyle


Clarinet & Saxophone

About Zoe

Zoe grew up in Melbourne, having only moved to Canberra in January of this year. She began learning music at age 14, starting on the clarinet. Not long after starting clarinet lessons she also started learning the piano, saxophone and lastly flute. Zoe was fortunate when she started music to have such encouraging teachers to push her to strive and learn, as she started music much later than most of her musical peers.

Zoe has completed her Bachelor of Music (Performance) at Monash University in Melbourne, and loves teaching and passing on her knowledge and experiences to all her students. Zoe finds it amazing watching a student in primary school learning to make a sound, to a high school student completing a difficult passage that had puzzled them before, to an adult who may be learning an instrument for the first time purely for a challenge.


Zoe has a vast experience in performance, having ranged from solo performances, to chamber ensembles, to orchestras and wind symphonies. As well as performing music she has also trained as a dancer since age 5. She currently competes in the ACT calisthenics competitions and is a cheerleader for the Raiders NRL team.

Lessons with Zoe

Individual clarinet or saxophone lessons with Zoe are currently available at ACTAM studios in Fyshwick.

Contact us for availability and fee information.


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