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Violin, Cello, Accompaniment

About Charlotte

Born in Melbourne, Charlotte spent her childhood in North-East NSW and Canberra where the beginnings of a great musical talent were forged. In 1996 Charlotte travelled to Boston, USA to undertake four years of apprenticeship with master-cellist and Casals protégé Bernard Greenhouse.

Charlotte has represented both Australia and the USA in several international competitions and is among the foremost cellists of her generation worldwide. She is a cellist in the Casals tradition, embodying all of the technical, interpretational and humanitarian ideals of her cellistic lineage as well as an artistic expression of great conviction and individuality.

Canberra Music Teacher Charlotte Winslade

Since returning to Australia in 2000, Charlotte has had a profound impact on the musical life of her country. She possesses an inspirational capacity for altruism towards those who seek great musical ideals and boundless determination to cultivate passion and excellence in her field.   Charlotte was the founding Director of the Casals Academy of Music in Canberra and was for 2 years Artistic Advisor for the Australian National Eisteddfod Society. She is currently the Artistic Director of the Canberra Concerto Orchestra, working alongside Chief Conductor Mark Shiell. This organization’s success has developed rapidly, and currently comprises training ensembles, touring ensembles and a Symphony Series of three concerts annually in Canberra.   

Charlotte performs as a soloist, recitalist and chamber musician to captivated audiences within Australia and abroad, including in USA, New Zealand and Afghanistan. Her love of teaching and consummate skill as a pedagogue are also realized in her devoted and successful studio.   During the last 12 months Charlotte has performed the Elgar Cello Concerto twice with Zelman Symphony Orchestra, Dvorak Cello Concerto with the CCO, Beethoven Violin Concerto with the CCO and given six performances of the Bach Double Violin Concerto.  


Charlotte now resides in Carwoola where she is passionate about her garden and horses. She maintains a full studio at ACTAM as well as serving as the Director since July 2012.


Words from Charlotte on Teaching

"Learning to play an instrument can be one of the most rewarding experiences, both for children and adults.

Choosing a suitable teacher is crucial as they will become a guide and source of knowledge for many years. Students must be inspired to absorb information and encouraged to apply their learning through daily practice.

It is in many ways a journey of self discovery, an intricate language which allows us to express ourselves with honesty and detail.

Often I have met students and teachers who believe the study of music to be rather mysterious or requiring innate talent. In my own experience, there are solid techniques and answers which, if well studied, can allow all students to achieve their goals. The pursuit requires us to see our barriers and to find ways through them. The rewards are often as meaningful for personal growth as they are musically.

My own students are wonderfully varied, in age, current ability and ambition. I aim to provide all I can to help each student experience the best that music can offer and I understand that the choice is not mine where that path will go! If I had just one request of my students (and myself) it would be to try not to repeat the same lesson (or the same musicial phrase)! Or said another way... the experience of learning an instrument is not unlike the music itself - a rich tapestry of history, tradition, discipline, ideas and self expression."


Lessons with Charlotte 

Individual lessons with Charlotte are held at ACTAM Studios in Fyshwick. Places are available by interview/audition only. 

Contact us for availability and fee information.

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