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Flute, Saxophone, Piano

About Joel

Joel grew up in Canberra and started music at the age of 5. Starting out with the recorder, he quickly moved on to the flute and eventually piano and saxophone. Although Joel is classically trained, his focus is now on jazz and recently completed his honours degree in jazz and contemporary performance.


He has had a wide variety of performance opportunities such as playing with the Royal Military College Concert Band in Duntroon, being a member of an African reggae band, multiple jazz quartet and quintet groups, and playing with Canberra Symphony Orchestra members in the ANU Side by Side concert series. He is also an avid composer and has been commissioned for This Is What We Have Today which is a local Canberra showcase of contemporary classical music.


Joel is a passionate teacher and wishes to spread his love of music to all his students, through practical and creative lessons to nurture his student's appreciation of music.

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Lessons with Joel

Individual lessons with Joel are held at Maribyrnong Primary, St Monica's Primary,  Lyneham Primary and ACTAM Studios in Fyshwick.

Contact us for availability and fee information.

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