About Shirahni


From a young age, Shirahni’s dream was to be able to teach music as she was inspired by so many of her teachers and tutors. Her goal is to bring her experience of fun and creativity into lessons. Of course, Shirahni also enjoys focusing on Technique and creating ways to help by using different methods to suit each individual student. 

In her spare time, Shirahni often plays the piano, viola, cello, bass guitar, guitar and tenor saxophone. While she loves teaching, she also enjoys playing in ensembles, quartets and orchestras, as she had played with ensembles from a young age. One day, Shirahni aims to learn all string instruments and maybe even make her own ensemble

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Lessons with  Shirahni

Individual lessons with Shirahni are currently available at ACTAM studios in Fyshwick and Merici College.

Contact us for availability and fee information.